A columnist?

So I feel like I should apologise for my absence. Work has just been crazy as so I didn't have time or well, will to post. Now on the other hand, I have a problem.

I was thinking the only way my writing major might actually become of use is if I become a columnist.... But what the hell should I write?

You obviously read my blog, so throw some ideas out there. I'm totally stuck!

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Someone like you

Reading this I can't help but have hope
I hope you feel the same

Let us bring the change we want to see in the world.
Help one another and treat others like you would want to be treated.
Forget our differences and remember that we are all beings that have fears and dreams.

p.s. These fish were hilarious XD

....What? I couldn't leave it on such a sappy note XD
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Me in a secretary job?
So I'm starting to think maybe I should take up a secretary/receptionist job when I leave university. It just seems like a job I can do and it would be stable and I could gain money for my own place. I mean I would be writing when I get back home and still trying to make my dreams of becoming a known writer become true, it just would help me make sure I don't end up being a waitress for the rest of my life XD

So what are your thoughts?

Cat painting?

So I had this idea... Maybe I should get one of those kids easels and some non toxic paint and let my cat at it LOL
I would live stream it so people can watch her and maybe even sell the paintings on etsy for like 5 bucks,
I dunno just a random idea I guess... It would be cool to see if she likes it :p
So thoughts?

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